26 septiembre 2010

KARINA ELVER . Biography


Karina Elver
Dancer - Teacher - Instructor - Choreographer

Karina Elver was born in 1962 in Copenhagen. She began to dance at the age of 3 at Andersen & Jensens Danseinstitut in Vesterbro. 9 years old she was accepted as student at Royal Danish Ballet School.

In 1978 she was accepted as aspirant at The Royal Danish Ballet and after 4 years she became ballet denser at The Royal Danish Ballet.

During her time at The Royal Danish Ballet, she had many solo parts in several famous ballets by August Bourneville, Balanchine, Alvin Ailey and many more.

In 1992 she started to create her own choreography. She has made several ballets for workshops etc. With The Royal Theater in Copenhagen as well as a large number of choreographic projects and performances in Denmark and aboard, especially in Greenland and India.

In 2003, after 32 years, she decided to leave The Royal Theater to work as freelance dancer, teacher, instructor and choreographer

I 2003 she founded Karina Elver's Theatre & Ballet School in Gentofte north of Copenhagen. ( http://www.elverdance.com/ )

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