18 julio 2009


(B. 1908)
Bolshoi Ballet


Marina Semyonova (Semenova) was born in Leningrad in 1908. She was the first great dancer formed by Agrippina Vaganova. Graduated from the Vaganova School in 1925 and stayed in Leningrad until 1930 when she transfered to Moscow and the Bolshoi Theatre. She was guest with the Paris Opéra Ballet in 1935 where she danced Giselle with Serge Lifar.

She became one of the most important teachers and répétiteurs of the Bolshoi Theatre. Natalia Bessmertnova, Marina Kondratieva, Nadezhda Pavlova, Nina Sorokina, Ludmila Semenyaka, Nina Timofeyeva and Galina Stepanenko was among her adepts.

People's Artist of the USSR.

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