12 junio 2009


(1912 - 1996)
Paris Opera Ballet


Lycette Darsonval was born in Coutances, France, in 1912. She entered the Paris Opéra Ballet School in 1925 (pupil of Zambelli, Aveline and Rousanne) and joined the POB five years later. Nominated étoile in 1940. She was a powerful dancer with great authority on stage.
She created principal roles in Aveline's Elvire (1937) and Sylvia (1941); in Lifar's David Triomphant (1937), Oriane et le Prince d'Amour (1938), Joan de Zarisse (1942), Suite en Blanc and Phèdre. She was also a fine Giselle.

Director of Paris Opéra Ballet School 1957-59. Director of Ballet de Nice 1962.

Légion d'Honneur 1959.

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