09 junio 2009


(b. 1932)
París Opera Ballet


Liane Daydé was born in Paris in 1932. She studied at the Paris Opéra Ballet School (pupil of Carlotta Zamboni). She entered the POB Corps de ballet in 1948, became première danseuse in 1949 and étoile in 1951. She left Paris in 1960 to work as an international guest artist. She created leading roles in Lifar's Blanche-Neige (1951), Fourberies (1952) and Romeo and Juliet (1955), Lander's Printemps à Vienne (1954) and H. Rosen's La Dame à la Licorne (1959). She also danced Giselle, Coppélia and Suite en blanc with the POB, and Sleeping Beauty with de Cuevas Ballet.

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